Researchers unveil flexible 3D smartphone called ReFlex

holoflex 3d smartphone flexible screen holographic

A team at Queen’s University in Canada now have the first full-color, high-res bendable mobile phone. The Human Media Lab from Queen’s University in Canada has now unveiled a prototype flexible 3D smartphone that they have named the ReFlex and that has become the first mobile device in the world to be high resolution, full-color and able to display three dimensional images. At the same time, the team behind the ReFlex also announced its HoloFlex smartphone. The HoloFlex goes beyond the already impressive ReFlex 3D smartphone by becoming the “world’s…

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Google Glass may soon be capable of displaying holograms

google glass wearable technology

The smartglasses might be able to show them over the view of the real world in front of the wearer. A patent has now been published by Google for technology that would make it possible for Google Glass wearers to view holograms that are displayed overtop of their vision of the real world. This patents help to provide another level of understanding for the investment the company made into Magic Leap. The tech giant has recently invested in that firm, a augmented reality startup. As it appears as though Google…

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