A Change of Pace: Four Online Payment Alternatives to Paypal

Mobile and online payment alternatives… Americans spent more than $2.25 billion online on the two shopping days known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday alone, according to ComScore. The market analysis company also found Americans spent $43.2 billion total online in Q2 2012. These numbers were music to the cyber-ears of electronic payment processor Paypal, one of the more popular payment processors on the web. But there are many people out there who simply dislike Paypal because of its success, its policies, or both. Thankfully there are several alternatives merchants and…

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Mobile shoppers won’t wait for Black Friday to start holiday shopping

Holiday Mobile Shopping Trends

PayPal has stated that they don’t believe mobile shoppers have any intention of waiting for Black Friday before they begin their holiday shopping this year. Instead, PayPal believes that the day before Thanksgiving will announce the start of the mobile shopping season. This will bring about the first wave of hunters who will be out looking for great products at the right price. Experienced shoppers won’t wait for shopping days like Cyber Monday, as previous years have shown those manufactured days to be more hype than anything else. The online…

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