Mcommerce was major driver of record breaking Cyber Monday results

cyber monday mobile commerce

The best outcome of the weekend after Black Friday is being partially credited to smartphones and tablets. The results are coming in from Cyber Monday’s performance in 2012, and so far it has broken all previous sales records, in part because of the use of mcommerce apps and websites. Owners of smartphones and tablets used apps and optimized websites to help with their shopping. In fact, it was mcommerce that was considered to be a game changer this year. This is because over 18 percent of consumers who shopped on…

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Mobile commerce data revealed for first holiday weekend at eBay

Ebay m-commerce News

The company has released its data for smartphones and tablets, but not its overall figures. The massive online marketplace, eBay has released its data regarding its mobile commerce sales data for the first holiday shopping weekend of the year, though it has held off on revealing its overall performance. The company shared its PayPal, Marketplaces and GSI Commerce units numbers without further detail. There was no indication from the company as to whether or not the figures that it released represented any improvements in mobile commerce when compared with last…

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Mcommerce survey shows use of channel will boost holiday sales

Holiday m-commerce shopping present

The research has shown that shopping can be boosted on a number of different levels. A recent survey performed by MarketLive regarding mcommerce has shown that in the upcoming busiest shopping season of the year, this channel can play an exceptionally important role in increasing sales, on a broad spectrum of different levels. The multi-channel shopper survey indicated that 16 percent of people plan to shop exclusively over mobile. This means that all of their gift buying purchasing will occur on the mcommerce apps and websites of their favorite stores,…

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Mcommerce may be held back in the UK due to connection speeds


The lack of universal 4G may stop mobile holiday shopping from achieving its full potential. The shopping season for the holidays is just on the edge of getting started, but many believe that mcommerce will not be able to reach its full potential this year in the U.K. because the country does not have a universal 4G carrier. Some leading analysts feel that this will hold consumers back from shopping from their smartphones. Mcommerce analysts feel that at the current common smartphone speeds, consumers who would otherwise shop using their…

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Mobile commerce for holiday shopping getting revved up at many retailers

mobile holiday marketing christmas shopping

Sears and Kmart have announced new mobile point of sale in-store efforts. Two more major players have joined the wave of retailers that are implementing in-store mobile commerce programs, as Sears and Kmart have equipped their associates with tablets and point of sale devices to help get the stores ready for the holiday shopping season. A growing number of mass merchants are making a similar effort to help beat long in-store lineups. The store associates will also be able to use their mobile devices for additional mobile commerce efforts, such…

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