Mobile technology enabled hitchhiking robot may be rebuilt

hitchbot mobile technology

After having been destroyed in an attempt to make it across the United States, the HitchBOT may be reassembled. The HitchBOT is a friendly, funny looking, Canadian hitchhiking robot enabled with mobile technology that has made its way across many parts of the globe, but that had its trek across the United States cut short when someone chose to destroy it in Philadelphia. That said, the HitchBOT may get a second chance at life as the creators say they may be able to rebuild. According to the co-creators of the…

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Technology news is getting exciting for the hitchhiking robot

Hitchbot mobile technology devices news

The Hitchbot has nearly reached its final destination through the sheer kindness of strangers. In Canada, technology news is starting to buzz ahead of the arrival of the Hitchbot hitchhiking robot that has made its way across the country and is now nearing the end of its trek from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Victoria, British Columbia. The creators have stated that the last reports from its mobile devices showed it passed Kelowna B.C. At that time, the technology news showed that the Hitchbot was on its way to the Open…

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