QR codes initiative has officially been launched in Gainsville

QR code real estate sale

Downtown project for bringing in new businesses is now underway in the Georgia city. The official release of the QR codes project on Main Street Gainesville, Georgia, has now occurred, and the city has started the initiative by posting the barcodes on two vacant buildings. The barcodes are located on empty buildings located right on the square, so that smartphone users can scan them. Regina Mansfield, the Main Street Manager, said that the primary focus of Main Street is the economic development of this important stretch of the downtown area.…

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QR codes bring the past alive in Marshfield, Wisconsin

Marshfield Wisconsin

The barcodes are displayed on sixty different sites throughout the city. A large number of businesses in downtown Marshfield are now displaying QR codes in order to help both locals and visitors to the area to discover more about the history of the city. People who use their smartphones to scan the code with an app for the history of that location or building. Some of the stories that are provided give a basic explanation and history of the spot, while others also provide additional links that offer a more…

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