Tag Smart Pets announces new service that lets people find their missing pets with the help of QR codes

QR Code Pet Tags

In the United Kingdom, more than 5,000 pets go missing each week. Most never find their way back home, despite the best efforts of their owners. Over the years, emerging technologies have made it easier for people to find their furry friends when they get lost, but it can be quite expensive to equip an animal with a radio frequency chip that is always broadcasting. Tag Smart Pets, a company specializing in mobile technology for animals, has announced a new QR code service that is designed to be a cost…

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QR codes to help stop mobile phone theft in the UK

Cell Phone Theft

QR codes are quickly becoming a common sight in the United Kingdom. Several companies have been using the codes as part of aggressive marketing campaigns targeting smart phone owners for the better part of two years now. More recently, the codes have been getting a great deal of attention from law enforcement and government agencies. Earlier in the year, Britain’s Security Service agency, commonly known as MI5, used the codes to find talented hackers as a hiring campaign. Now, a new campaign in Arun West Sussex aims to make the…

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