Publishers embrace augmented reality to appeal to consumers

Bauer Media Heat magazine augmented reality

IPC and Bauer Media to utilize augmented reality technology Publishing giants IPC and Bauer Media have embraced augmented reality with the launch of separate initiatives that are fashioned for the leading publications. IPC’s Look magazine and Bauer Media’s Heat magazine will feature a variety of digital content that is designed to improve the experience of readers. Both publishers believe that the technology may help them compete with digital platforms, which have become rampantly popular with consumers. The initiatives are primarily focused on t he UK market, where circulation of print…

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Heat launches its first augmented reality magazine

Augmented reality-Heat magazine

Engine Creative tasked with the creation of first augmented reality issue of Heat Magazine Engine Creative, a digital advertising firm, has been tapped by Heat Magazine to create its first augmented reality issue. The augmented reality magazine will be connected to the launch of the new Heat TV channel. The special issue of the magazine features a number of augmented reality features that are designed to engage readers. Heat believes that the use of augmented reality will provide readers with an enjoyable experience they will not soon forget and help…

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