American wearable technology market underperforming compared to predictions

smartwatch American wearable technology market

U.S. wearables as a whole are not doing as well as had been forecasted earlier this year. While certain specific wearables are doing well, the American wearable technology market as a whole is not growing as expected. A new eMarketer report suggest that even top performers aren’t reaching the anticipated growth levels. This, at the same time that Apple continues to insist that its Apple Watch sales are “doing great.” The eMarketer data showed that Fitbit, the Apple Watch and other devices were expected to see a 60 percent year…

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Philips wearable technology unveiled and launch announced

Philips wearable technology

These wearables place a considerable focus on allowing users to take control of their own health. The newly launched Philips wearable technology was announced today. Its launch is global and the first of the wearables are only the beginning. These devices are meant to help consumers take control over their health. The new wearable technology devices are considered to be medical grade and will involve a complete set. Unlike the offering from its rivals, the Philips wearable technology gadgets will include: a health and fitness tracker watch, a connected scale,…

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Wearable technology is not as accurate as smartphones for fitness

Nike Fuelband wearable technology fitness band

As hot as wearables are for fitness and health tracking, a Penn Medicine study says your cell phone is likely better. The results of recent research from Penn Medicine have now been released, and what they have shown is that some of the features of smartphone apps are actually more accurate for health and fitness tracking than wearable technology. The study determined that in some situations and with certain apps, smartphones work as well or better than wearables. It determined that wearable technology and smartphones sometimes performed at about the…

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Wearable technology health tracking may come at a cost to privacy

wearable technology smart watch data storage cloud

While smartwatches, wristbands, and other wearables assist in monitoring our fitness, security is an issue. Along with the unveiling of the Apple Watch has come a massive influx of interest in wearable technology, which was a category that had been struggling to truly draw the attention of consumers as a whole, until that point. However, as much as these gadgets could assist in tracking for health care purposes, they are not perfect. The Apple Watch, for example, is going to be released with a new type of health focused mobile…

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