Philips wearable technology unveiled and launch announced

Philips wearable technology

These wearables place a considerable focus on allowing users to take control of their own health. The newly launched Philips wearable technology was announced today. Its launch is global and the first of the wearables are only the beginning. These devices are meant to help consumers take control over their health. The new wearable technology devices are considered to be medical grade and will involve a complete set. Unlike the offering from its rivals, the Philips wearable technology gadgets will include: a health and fitness tracker watch, a connected scale,…

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Mhealth takes center stage with Google contact lenses

wearables mhealth google contact lenses diabetes

These mobile devices may allow diabetics to measure their glucose levels through their tears. Google has just made mhealth headlines with its unveiling of a prototype for a lens that can be implanted into the eye and that could measure the glucose levels in the body of a person who has diabetes. These mobile devices are made out of a soft contact material and will reduce the need for pricked fingers. Wearable gadgets have burst their way into the mobile scene, and have opened up a tremendous number of doors…

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Technology: Gadgets that help you to maintain health

health clean gadgets

The swift growth of information technology has brought about drastic changes in all departments of life. The effects of the same can be witnessed in the health related arenas also. Very rightly one can say that this quantum jump has created safe, excellent and efficient treatment methods as far as all diseases are concerned. Of late, the concept of tele-medicine has hit the market, because of the possibility of keeping and transferring the medical records through electronic methods. Considerable growth can also be seen in the growth of technical health…

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