Patient mhealth adoption relies on doctor recommendations

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Recent research has shown that physicians may be the key driving force behind this technology. It may feel as though mhealth technology is getting off to a pretty good start on its own, but when it comes to the recommendations – or even discussions – of mobile and wearable tech by doctors, a recent study has shown that only 15 percent of physicians are actually talking about it as a tool to help to improve overall or specific wellness. This could be holding back the adoption of mobile health technologies…

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Mobile app may be helpful in overcoming alcoholism

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A recent study has indicated that individuals recovering from alcohol abuse may benefit from this application. The results of a study that was recently conducted have shown that a mobile app that is geared toward keeping people sober when they are recovering from alcohol abuse, have shown that users of the application tend to cut back on the number of days that they fail to remain sober. The smartphone app was designed to help recovering alcohol abusers to abstain. The research showed that the people who used the mobile app…

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Mhealth solution introduced to ERs by AT&T

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The telecommunication company is aiming to make it easier for emergency care personnel to communicate. AT&T has just announced its intention to make communication easier and more available in emergency care situations through a new mhealth program that it has developed. It is being called the Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS) Solution. What the program is meant to do is replace the limitation that many people have in communicating with emergency assistance. For instance, at the moment, one of the only options available to an elderly person who is…

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