Gravity Jack confirms augmented reality browsAR 3.0

Gravity Jack Augmented Reality

Gravity Jack prepares to launch browsAR 3.0 Gravity Jack, a developer of augmented reality technology, has announced that its browsAR application will be receiving a significant update this month. The company is geared for the launch of browsAR 3.0, which will bring new features to the platform and provide users with more control over augmented reality. The browsAR application is popular with companies interested in developing interactive marketing campaigns. The application allows these brands to develop digital content for these campaigns that can be accessed through a smart phone. Augmented…

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Augmented reality marketing campaign launched by DC Entertainment

DC looks to generate hype for Man of Steel through the use of augmented reality DC Entertainment, the parent company of the much-loved DC Comics, has launched an augmented reality marketing campaign to promote the new Man of Steel movie. DC has become a powerful force in the entertainment industry with the rampant success of its various superhero themed movies. Like its competitor Marvel, DC Entertainment has come across several challenges in bringing its beloved superheroes to life on the big screen. Past attempts to bring Superman to life have…

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Myspace and Gravity Jack team to bring augmented reality to the forefront of social media

*Gravity Jack augmented reality demo As augmented reality and social media begin to intertwine, more companies and networks are building partnerships. The latest of these is the teaming of Gravity Jack, an augmented reality developer, and Myspace, the one-time ruler of social networking space. The duo has plans to bring augmented reality technology to the realm of music and entertainment. The effort will produce new and engaging content that will be available on the Myspace platform. Myspace has been working on this content since last year, when it was purchased…

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Gravity Jack combines QR codes with augmented reality to make some of the first QAR codes in the world

QAR Code Browser

As the world of mobile technology grows more advanced, many are beginning to question the usefulness of QR codes when augmented reality seems to be a more intuitive response for businesses looking to connect with tech-savvy consumers. Some claim that QR codes are dying off before they have really had a chance to shine, while others argue that the codes are just now beginning to hit their stride. The truth of the matter may lie somewhere in between, as QR codes and augmented reality pair well together. When the two…

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