Police in Fond du Lac County use QR code on tombstone of unidentified murder victim


The police in Fond du Lac County have added a photo and a QR code to the gravestone of “Jane Does”, an unidentified murder victim, so that viewers with smartphones can scan the barcode and obtain more pictures and information about the deceased and the case from the Sheriff’s Office. This woman is the only unidentified murder victim the county has ever had. When the QR code is scanned, any photos they have, and a limited biography of the individual is revealed to the viewer. The mobile device user is…

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QR codes could be a major boon for the family services business

QR Codes Grave Stones

The success of QR codes in the marketing business is sending ripples through many industries. Recently, the codes have been showing up on gravestones at cemeteries. Given the light-hearted uses of the codes thus far, this may seem quite morbid. High-Definition Genealogy, a company specializing in genealogy services, believes that this use of the codes is a very good way to remember those that have passed. The company attended the RootsTech Family History & Technology Conference last week in Salt Lake City, Utah, where founder Thomas MacEntee noted the various…

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Living headstones created with QR codes

QR codes are not just for marketing or social promotion. There is a more somber aspect to the codes that is rarely seen. The codes originated in Japan as a way to keep track of inventory, but before they became the mobile marketing tool they are today, the codes were used in cemeteries to provide information regarding the recently deceased. This same concept is being incorporated in Seattle, Washington, by Quiring Monuments Inc. Quiring Monuments is a leading designer of headstones for memorials and monuments throughout the U.S. Owner Dave…

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