The best gadgets for a road trip include mobile tech to a tire pressure gauge

long trip road vacation tire pressure gauge

While many people think about devices to give them directions or keep them busy, safety is important, too. Road trip and summer vacation season is officially here and the list of top gadgets to bring with you when you hit the road has now been released, including everything from a tire pressure gauge to a GPS, and even a backup battery charger. The most important gadgets aren’t just the ones that we use, but also include the ones that support those devices. Taking a road trip every year is a…

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U.S. courts wrestle with legality of using mobile device location data to track criminals

Mobile Privacy Issues

Congress and courts across the country are working to understand the balance between a criminal’s right to privacy and the need of law enforcement to be able to locate criminals, as they debate over the use of global positioning systems (GPS), which are a technology commonly found in most new mobile phones and other devices, for tracking criminals. In Maryland, U.S. District Judge Susan K. Gauvey, has denied federal authorities a warrant that they were seeking in order to locate a suspect through the use of the GPS data in…

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Apple’s recent patents point to augmented reality application

Apple Headquaters CA

Apple has been filing for more patents lately, suggesting that the high-profile technology company is gearing up to develop a new generation of swanky gadgets. According to a recent patent filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple has its eyes set on augmented reality technology. AR has been growing popular among the big tech companies recently due to the growing support from consumers. In previous years, augmented reality was shunned because there was nearly no hardware available to handle the technology. Now that smart phones and other mobile…

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Mobile device data capacity leads to tremendous security risks

Mobile Security

According to experts, the data capacity and portability of mobile devices are bringing about a series of significant security issues. Assistant vice president of Aon Risk Solutions, Sarah Stephens, a San-Francisco-based unit of Aon Corp., pointed out that people set the devices down and leave them unattended. That said, the greater the storage capacity of the devices, the more sensitive information is frequently stored within them, and the greater the risk if the device be misplaced or stolen. This was explained by Stephens at the first Cyber & Privacy Risk…

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