The beginning of H2, 2011 brings predictions for 2012 mobile trends

Mobile Commerce Statistics 2012

As the second half of 2011 begins, the top researchers in the mobile industry have started to release their predictions regarding the trends within the industry that will occur in 2012.   So far, the predictions have included the belief that commerce will be driven by mobile devices that year, Google and Apple will continue to vie for dominance of the industry, and daily life will become further influenced by mobile location services.  Senior analyst Nitesh Patel from Wireless Strategies has explained that m-commerce will skyrocket in its importance as a…

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Google Nexus 4G rumors claim that it will kill the iPhone 5

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

The Google Nexus 4G, the next Nexus phone that will be offered by the search engine giant, is rumored to be the smartphone that will take down the iPhone. That being the case, if these rumors are to hold any water, then it will mean that the Google Nexus 4G will need to have significantly bumped up its features and specifications to be able to provide the iPhone 5 with any competition. So far, what is known about Google Nexus 4G is that it will come with the most up…

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