The difference the changes to Google Places make

Google Places

Google has made a number of changes to its Google Places service, which used to draw reviews from other sources such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, CitySearch, and Urban Spoon, but which now has additional features and includes reviews strictly generated by their own users. Google Places was started about a year ago, at which time the third party sources of reviews complained that Google was using their site content – especially because the Places reviews typically received superior search ranks to the original sources. That said, now that Google is producing…

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Google reaches out to business owners


  Google makes a bold move to interact with local small and medium businesses; in person. Not through the help forum or a mailed ad campaign, but actually in person, shake hands, let’s sit and talk. This shows that Google is getting it. People need to put a face with a service; we still need a certain level of human interaction.   Anyone who uses Google (or used to use Google) knows how hard it is to get help from a live person. Google’s head of local consumer marketing has…

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QR code directs hungry diners through Vernon Hills

Scanning QR Code

Mobile marketing has made its way to Vernon Hills, Illinois. The town recently unveiled a new initiative to promote local restaurants to visitors. The initiative makes use of QR codes to help market these businesses and provide a genuinely interactive experience for tourists. The campaign took nearly two months to complete and was introduced by the town’s geographic information system coordinator, Will Rockwell. The campaign features five signs, each bearing the logo of 55 local restaurants along with a QR code attributed to each one. When scanned, the codes resolve…

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Google gets into the social media game

It looks like Google is growing again. The internet giant is ready to expand its social and mobile presence to give big hitters like Facebook and Groupon a little competition. Google’s friend finder “Latitude,” got ‘check-in’ capabilities and perks. Additionally, Google ‘places’ enhanced its program to add hotpot; a place for users to recommend and share services and products they have personal experience with. Since Google was started in 1996, their mission statement hasn’t changed.  The company mission was, “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and…

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