Google is killing its Google Pay mobile wallet app

Mobile wallet - Image of Google Search Screen

The tech giant announced that users in the United States will lose access to the app on June 4, 2024. Google has announced that it intends to terminate another application, which will this time take the form of its Google Pay mobile wallet app. The company said the move is a part of its strategy to simplify payment options Users in the United States will stop being able to use the mobile wallet application as of June 4, 2024. Google is aiming to shift Google Pay users over to Google…

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Google wants its mobile wallet to be usable as bus fare

Mobile wallet - Paying bus fare with smartphone

The tech giant is aiming to make it possible for more commuters to add digital transit passes to the app. Google is working to help commuters using transit systems in a growing number of locations to add their passes to their mobile wallet instead of having to carry a physical card. The company recently posted a blog discussing the way it wanted to combine the app with this service. Google has been watching the increasing trend in the use of mobile wallet apps and contactless technology for transactions of all…

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Google Wallet seeks to replace almost all your payment and ID cards

Google Wallet - Image of Google Building

The app is working on letting users replace all the plastic cards they usually carry with them. Google has announced that its Google Wallet is nearly ready for a substantial line of new features that will expand the way it can be used. The announcement was recently made on the company’s Keyword Blog. According to the search giant, Google Wallet users will be able to further reduce the amount they’re carrying among their physical cards. The app will increasingly allow cards to be scanned so that their plastic alternatives won’t…

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