Two Google services see serious changes in the hopes of improvement

YouTube Kids Security homepage - Google services

The search giant’s News and YouTube products are getting some important updates. In the battle against content theft and fake news, two Google services are receiving an important update. Google has announced upcoming changes to both its News and YouTube video streaming service. The company has faced heavy criticism over certain Google services that are paving the way for abuse. Among the ways that certain people are misusing the products include posting fake news and stealing content from YouTube creators and posting it on their own channels to earn ad…

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Top Google IO 2016 announcements recap

Google IO 2016 - Google Home Speaker

This enormous annual event came with a long list of exciting news about what’s happening with the company. It’s that time of year again and the Google IO 2016 – the main annual developer conference held by the tech giant – was once again filled with the company’s biggest announcements about the new and upcoming. Many of the announcements were predicted by those who have been following closely, but there were surprises, too. The predictions about the Google IO 2016 conference announcements were that there would be insights into tech…

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Rumor confirmed: Google acquires Viewdle

Google Mobile Commerce News

Google acquisition of Viewdle finalized Earlier this week, rumors regarding Google’s acquisition of augmented reality and facial recognition specialist Viewdle began making their way throughout the world. Neither company had been keen to confirm or deny the rumors when they first began appearing, noting that they were simply matters of speculation. It seems, however, that the rumors were indeed true, as Google has announced that the acquisition of Viewdle has been finalized. The company has been incorporated into Google’s Motorola unit, where it will see its technology put to extensive…

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Passbook to compete with Google Wallet

Mobile Commerce Apple Passbook mobile wallet

Apple draws more attention to Passbook application The world of m-commerce news is awash with speculation over whether Apple’s iPhone 5 will actually be equipped with NFC technology. Leaked images of the device suggest that this will be the case, but Apple has been silent on the issue. The technology company has been drawing more attention to the Passbook application that will be a prominent feature of the iOS 6, however. Passbook will include a variety of features that are meant to make a mobile device a viable replacement for…

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Android Market now features the Google Music storefront

Google Music

Google has now officially launched its highly anticipated storefront for digital music with a promise to finish its integration with the cloud-based streaming service, Google Music, which left its beta phase at the same time. Google Music provides the user with an automatic synch to his or her complete digital library of music across all of the devices that they have connected to it. Furthermore, shoppers will also be able to choose specific playlists, albums, or artists to be enjoyed offline. The new store provides customers with the freedom of…

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Google acquires Motorola Mobility and its over 17,000 patents

Mobile Commerce Industry

Many high-tech experts were surprised by Google’s latest acquisition bid of $12.5 billion for Motorola Mobility, an Android phone manufacturer. The all-cash, $40 per share deal comes at a premium of 63 percent. Google has announced that if the deal closes in 2011 or at the beginning of 2012, it will be running Motorola Mobility as its own company. Should the deal close, Google will be receiving more than just a cell phone manufacturer. The first major thing that it will obtain is patent protection, as Motorola currently holds over…

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Google streamlines by ending 10 projects including Aardvark


Larry Page, the CEO of Google, has announced that the internet and technology giant intends to further streamline and focus its operations by shutting down Aardvark and 9 other programs. Aardvark is a social search site constructed by Google. Senior vice president of Google, Alan Eustace, stated in a blog post that “Technology improves, people’s needs change, some bets pay off and others don’t.” He added that while some of the projects would be ended altogether, others would be fused into other products to become added features. The team members…

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Google+ will likely be unaffected by new privacy features by Facebook


Though Facebook’s members will certainly be pleased with the increase in the number of privacy controls that have now been made available to them by the social networking platform, most experts are agreeing that this likely won’t have any direct effect on the popularity of Google+. At the very heart of the social network run by Google is the ability of its users to have a direct control over who will be able to see the various elements of their profiles. The “social circles” feature of Google+ allows users to…

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Developers of Android apps can create products for Google TV ahead of 2011’s upcoming hardware


Google has announced a new preview version of its Android Software Development Kit (SDK) Google TV add-on, which is a software element that will give developers the ability to create apps for Google TV. Google TV for Android has been in operation since October 2010, and was met with a great deal of hype. That launch included significant hardware partners such as Logitech, Dish Network, Sony, and Intel. That said, retail sales weren’t quite what had been hoped for. The purpose of Google TV was to join the internet and…

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iPad Google Catalog app released to kick start tablet commerce

Tablet Commerce

Google has announced the availability of the new Google Catalogs app, which is a free app that allows iPad shoppers to obtain a digital version of the glossy paper catalogs that consumers are accustomed to receiving in the mail. The app includes popular catalogs such as the Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, Lands’ End, L.L. Bean, Crate and Barrel, and others. Though the app is currently only available to users of iPad devices, a version compatible with Android tablets will also soon be released. According to Abigail Holtz, the product manager for…

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YouTube is a stroke of mobile marketing genius

Google News YouTube mobile app

As Google continues the implementation of a strategy that has been designed to keep the internet giant at the head of the mobile marketplace, YouTube is being acknowledged as an important element of that effort. Its recent purchase of Motorola is only one of its many steps into the mobile world, that have also included a number of services such as mobile payments, which are currently being tested and are expected to begin taking off in the near future. What has been considered quite surprising is that its ownership of…

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