Local inventory ads tested by Google to boost search monetization

Mobile Google search traffic

Mobile marketing will soon be changing again as consumers see recommendations based on items in stock. Google is moving forward with a new type of mobile marketing involving local inventory ads. These are designed to improve the monetization of local searches conducted through its mobile search engine. These new mobile advertisements may replace certain local business search query results. These local inventory ads may soon be displayed in search query results where local businesses and their basic info used to hold local pack spots. The mobile advertisements would be carefully…

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Google mobile search to assist Black Friday shoppers

Google mobile search holiday christmas black friday

Consumers planning to use m-commerce to research products ahead of the start of holiday shopping could benefit. This week, the web’s largest search engine has launched the latest way in which it will be assisting shoppers to better understand products head of Black Friday, by boosting its Google mobile search results features. From the comfort of their mobile devices, shoppers will be able to better research products using m-commerce. The latest feature of Google mobile search gives shoppers the chance to be able to benefit from improved m-commerce results with…

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Mobile search word with the most use is “Facebook”

Facebook mobile payments

This was the most commonly searched for term yet this year according to research. A research firm called Mobile Commerce, which is responsible for the management of approximately five billion American and British mobile search requests every year has reported that “Facebook” is the most commonly searched for term yet again in 2012. This insight was provided with regards to smartphone and tablet consumer habits. The mobile search term of “Facebook” topped the list, but in second place was “Google”, with a third spot being held by YouTube. For those…

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What the latest mobile search statistics should say to you

mobile marketing search statistics

Thinks to consider about the rise of traffic over smartphones and tablets Mobile search statistics are showing that searching over smartphones and tablet computers are growing in their importance as an increasing number of people are using their devices to locate the best nearby restaurant, the closest sporting goods store, or simply to find contact information for a business. There has been a tremendous amount of growth over the last year, illustrating how rapidly it is all happening. In May 2011, for example, mobile search statistics showed that the share…

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Rapidly increasing adoption of mobile devices boosts Google’s advertising income

Mobile gaming

A Marin Software report has indicated that advertisers this year will increase their mobile paid search budgets by more than double, and that Google’s revenue from mobile adds will grow 4 to 8 times more rapidly than its ad revenue for desktop computers. The fast adoption of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is clearly altering the way consumers are using search engines, and this has caught the attention of advertisers. The report, which was produced by the top online advertising management platform for agencies and advertisers, Marin Software,…

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