Google may soon add M-commerce “Buy” buttons to mobile shopping ads

google browser texting

This new addition could begin as soon as a matter of weeks from now and could considerably change mobile behaviors. A rumor that has long existed about m-commerce buttons that would allow mobile device users to be able to click “buy” directly from an ad that they see so that they can purchase what they’re seeing simply by tapping the screen on an advertisement, but now it looks like that could be a reality in the very near future. This could cause consumers to alter their mobile shopping behaviors just…

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Google nixes NFC technology for mobile commerce platform

Google Wallet Mobile Payments

Mobile commerce platform to go NFC-free Google has been making an effort to overhaul its mobile commerce platform, called Google Wallet. The Wallet was launched in late 2011 and is meant to store financial information and facilitate payments from a mobile device. The platform has become relatively popular despite a turbulent launch and some concerns regarding security. The Wallet is based on NFC technology, which means only devices equipped with this technology can actually use it. This has become one of the greatest criticisms of the mobile commerce platform among…

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Mobile commerce revenue at Google Play approaching that of Apple’s App Store

Mobile trends Commerce Apps on smartphone

The earnings from the two different application marketplaces are starting to near par with one another. The results of a new data analysis have just been released by Distimo, and have suggested that the mobile commerce revenue being brought in by Google Play for Android is experiencing a rapid growth. This success is indicating that the app revenues from Android devices is approaching that of Apple’s. Distimo is a trusted mobile commerce app store analytics provider for developers. This firm’s data has, therefore, indicated that the opportunities for developers of…

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Google takes new approach on mobile commerce

Google mobile ads

Google has not given up on mobile commerce Google has shown a strong interest in the realm of mobile commerce, but the company has yet to find significant traction in this sector with its various services. Mobile commerce has become very popular with consumers as it exemplifies a more convenient way to shop and purchase products. Google launched its own mobile commerce platforms some time ago, called the Google Wallet, which aimed to be the most popular platform for mobile consumers. This was not the case, however, and the Wallet…

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Trouble may be brewing for Google’s mobile commerce venture

Mobile Commerce - NFC

Mobile commerce continues to prove problematic for Google Mobile commerce is gaining momentum, but the same cannot be said for Google Wallet. Google has been laboring to promote its Wallet application for nearly two years. The Wallet exists as a mobile commerce platform, allowing users to pay for goods and services using little more than their smartphone. Google had high hopes for the Wallet, but the initial launch of the application was plagued by security faults and harsh criticism. The impact left by these early issues is still apparent today,…

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