“OK Google” – Google Maps to be updated with Google Assistant

Google Assistant - OK Google - Smartphone

Google Maps will allow users to control navigation with their voice. Thanks to Google Assistant, Google Maps will become an even more hands-free tool, enabling both Android and iOS smartphone users who use the app to control navigation with their voice, further simplifying the process. The integration allows users more than just the ability to use voice-control navigation. Once the update has been rolled out to Google Maps users across the globe, they will be able to enjoy the convenience and freedom of simply using their voice to ask the…

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Apple Maps app receives massive investments and has now returned

Apple maps mobile payments

After getting off to an unfortunate start upon its first launch in 2012, the revamped application is back. The term Apple Maps has become synonymous with an application from the iPhone maker that had a very unlikely beginning, directing people to drive off bridges, skipping many towns and businesses, and sending people way out into the outback of Australia. There were countless mistakes in this very rare disaster of a launch for Apple among its mobile apps. Among the many notable mistakes from the original version of Apple Maps was…

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Top 5 Apps for Smart Drivers

Mobile App development

There are countless apps for drivers across multiple platforms, capable of finding the safest roads, tracking fuel use, or even getting you out of a traffic ticket. Below is a selection of five of the best car-related apps for drivers, hand-picked to help you get the most out of both your car and the open road: Trapster Trapster is a database of user-submitted notes about road hazards, speed traps and speed enforcement cameras. Trapster allows users to pinpoint the location of various hazards to rate the validity of noted locations.…

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Schedule released for Blue Marble rooftop QR codes to be installed in 2012

QR Code on Roof

Global business development consulting and public relations firm, Phillips & Company, which is known for providing its Blue Marble QR code services, has announced the American regional timetable it will be recommending to businesses and their owners for the installation of the Blue Marblerooftop version of the barcodes. Phillips & Company offers the Blue Marble marketing service in order to provide businesses with the opportunity to convert their rooftops into an advertising opportunity through a billboard with a dynamic QR code integrated with it so that it can be accessed…

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Google Maps for Android primed for m-commerce


Google has just announced its latest move with its Maps for Android app, which has been angled toward e-commerce, but that now includes a new feature that allows smartphones and tablets based on Android to view their own position and use that to find what stores are nearby in some airports, malls, and even retail stores. Google has effectively brought its enormous online mapping software tools – which have already been able to effectively graph both real-world and digital footage – into the world inside so that users of mobile…

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Rooftop QR codes may soon be the craze thanks to unassuming Google Maps

Downtown Los Angeles Google Earth

Rooftop QR codes seem to be counterintuitive as no one will ever see them. Such codes would have to be massive in order to be scanned from the air, making rooftop codes unappealing to companies with limited roof space. An advertising firm based in Austin, Texas, however, thinks that rooftop codes are quite clever and has begun offering to plaster the codes on the roofs of their clients. The firm notes that these codes could, in fact, be very useful thanks to a piece of novelty technology from Google. Google…

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New iPhone and Android app lets you travel back in time

New Mobile App

A new app compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones, called Historypin, allows users to view historical images of various locations on Google Maps. With this app, users can view a location they’re seeing in real life, and gain access to a historical image from a few decades ago to almost a full century old, so that users can see how the area has changed using augmented reality technology. Moreover, captions are frequently supplied which explain the changes that the location has undergone between that time and now. The app…

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Apple’s recent patents point to augmented reality application

Apple Headquaters CA

Apple has been filing for more patents lately, suggesting that the high-profile technology company is gearing up to develop a new generation of swanky gadgets. According to a recent patent filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple has its eyes set on augmented reality technology. AR has been growing popular among the big tech companies recently due to the growing support from consumers. In previous years, augmented reality was shunned because there was nearly no hardware available to handle the technology. Now that smart phones and other mobile…

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Nokia announced new augmented reality browser

Nokia Main Headquarters

As augmented reality technology becomes more popular, more tech companies are investing into AR browsers – programs akin to web browsers but used for the real world. Nokia has unveiled plans for their rendition of this technology, called Nokia Live View. The browser is being developed by Nokia Beta Labs and will be available for Symbian^5 mobile devices. It will be an add-on to Nokia’s popular Ovi Maps application, which is very similar to Google Maps. The browser integrates with the Ovi Maps platform, allowing users to navigate their environment…

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Tools for mobile publishing released by Google


The king of the search engines, Google, has unveiled yet another line of products; this time focusing on mobile technology, including a mobile publishing option that allows brands to better optimize their sites so that users of mobile devices will be able to view them properly. The new service has been named the Google Sites Mobile Landing Page, and, according to its representatives, will allow any website owner to “create a mobile site in minutes, not days.” Moreover, its users don’t need to have “any coding experience”. The service is…

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Mobile privacy laws hot topic for senate

Mobile Privacy Laws

The consumer protection subcommittee (of the Senate commerce committee) will be holding a hearing Thursday to discuss mobile privacy. Representatives from Apple, Google and Facebook will be there to speak as well as a representative from Common Sense Media. The consumer protection subcommittee will be discussing consumer privacy rights and discussing industry procedures for mobile data collection. Last week, Apple and Google faced tough questioning from members of the Senate Judiciary subcommittee about their company privacy policies. Representatives from both Apple and Google reiterated that customers have control over whether…

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