Provider focused mhealth wearable technology being tested by Google

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These wearables are being designed to offer researchers real time vital sign data during trials. Google is now looking toward the mhealth side of wearable technology and is developing a type of wristband that would be used in medical clinical trials as well as drug tests in order to offer research teams additional patient data based on real time vital signs including heart rates and pulse to exposure to light and noise levels. This wearable tech will not be sold directly to consumers but Is meant for patients and participants…

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Mhealth takes center stage with Google contact lenses

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These mobile devices may allow diabetics to measure their glucose levels through their tears. Google has just made mhealth headlines with its unveiling of a prototype for a lens that can be implanted into the eye and that could measure the glucose levels in the body of a person who has diabetes. These mobile devices are made out of a soft contact material and will reduce the need for pricked fingers. Wearable gadgets have burst their way into the mobile scene, and have opened up a tremendous number of doors…

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