Google Glass has been adopted by staff members of the Edinburgh Airport

Mobile technology google glass

As wearable technology rapidly becomes more popular, these types of devices are turning up in all new places. It has become quite commonplace for passengers travelling through the Edinburgh Airport – or virtually any other airport, for that matter – to see staff members from customer service to security equipped with walkie talkies and cell phones, but Google Glass has now become the next step in technology that is being carried around, or worn, by these employees. It won’t be long before staffers will be wearing these augmented reality glasses…

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This Week’s Mobile Commerce Round Up

mobile commerce TV

Check out this week’s mobile commerce news round up with our new video news series…    Articles Covered and Notes For Review… Technology news rumors suggest the next iPhone will be out in June The most recent predictions being made by experts and bloggers in the mobile industry suggest that the iPhone 5S will be debuted on June 20. These predictions align with the typical launch cycles of previous iPhones, with initial news of these new mobile devices showing up in the early days of spring or summer. Wall Street…

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Augmented reality glasses from Germany place the eyes in control

Fraunhofer augmented reality glasses hands free

The display is controlled by the movements of the wearer’s eyes. A new display device which has been compared to Google Glasses has brought augmented reality to a whole new level, as the act of selecting options and turning pages no longer needs to be performed using the hands. Now, it is the eyes that are in control of the display when using these futuristic glasses The design of the device completely frees up the hands of the wearer by allowing him or her to view instruction manuals, read books,…

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