Will Google expand mobile technology offerings to wireless service?

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Recent reports have suggested that the internet giant is seeking to work with two leading U.S. carriers. Recent reports from the Wall Street Journal have shown that Google’s reach into mobile technology could soon be expanding to an all new level, as it may one day start selling wireless service directly to consumers. This is only one of a broad range of different expansions being made by the company, from tech development to insurance sales. This latest mobile technology move reportedly involves talks between Google and two of the largest…

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Google makes new fee-splitting offer to carriers to increase adoption of Google Wallet

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Though Google Wallet found its start last year to launch that company’s entry into the mobile payments sphere, the service has failed to take off as expected, due to the large amount of competition and its reliance on NFC technology, which remains limited among handsets. In order to overcome some of the struggles presented by those hurdles, reports are indicating that Google has been considering making cost sharing offers to carriers such as AT&T and Verizon Wireless, to entice them to adopt the technology so that Google Wallet will increase…

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Rapidly increasing adoption of mobile devices boosts Google’s advertising income

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A Marin Software report has indicated that advertisers this year will increase their mobile paid search budgets by more than double, and that Google’s revenue from mobile adds will grow 4 to 8 times more rapidly than its ad revenue for desktop computers. The fast adoption of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is clearly altering the way consumers are using search engines, and this has caught the attention of advertisers. The report, which was produced by the top online advertising management platform for agencies and advertisers, Marin Software,…

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GNC’s thought process behind their clean and easy mobile site

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Another merchant takes advantage of the growing mobile platforms and the numerous tools that can be used. General Nutrition Centers Inc., (GNC) recently launched their new mobile commerce site. With the help of an m-commerce technology provider and Google Commerce Search, they achieved a unique and improved site. GNC wanted something different than the typical mobile commerce shopping site. They wanted to do something that would make them stand out among any competitors. Their new site offers certain functions and features that many retailers aren’t adding to their m-commerce sites.…

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Is Google no longer gaga for QR codes?


Google has announced that they will no longer be using QR codes in their popular Google Places platform. Google places helps people connect to locations by allowing them to rate them online. Businesses use Places to gather reviews from consumers, boosting their online presence. When Google first began using the codes with Places, they mailed thousands of stickers affixed with the codes to businesses that could be used in store windows. The company’s use of QR codes was meant to be experimental. They wanted to see how viable the codes…

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