Google to create Android RCS with mobile carriers

Android RCS geolocation mobile text

As the tech giant attempts to modernize SMS messaging, it is working to release rich communication services. Google and several mobile carriers are now working together to attempt to create Android RCS (rich communication services) as well as to be able to release it and encourage its adoption among device users. To start, the company will be working with the GSMA as well as a number of regional and global carriers. Working with Google to be able to create Android RCS, will be the GSMA wireless standards group, in addition…

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Android Marshmallow unveiled by Google

Android versions like Marshmallow

Hints of version 6.0 of the most popular mobile operating system have now been released. The next version of Google’s mobile operating system, Android Marshmallow, version 6.0, has now had its name revealed for the first time, and a statue of the OS name has now been added to the San Francisco campus of the tech giant. Like previous versions, it has been named after a sugary treat, and it is making itself visible on the property. The new upcoming Android Marshmallow will follow in the footsteps of KitKat (version…

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Android Beam could be Google’s next phenomenon

Android mobile commerce

Google’s NFC projects overshadowed by its other endeavors in technology The Google I/O developers conference may be over, but the technologies unveiled during the event are still causing quite a buzz. The even brought together some of the world’s leading software and technology developers and introduced them to new projects that Google had been working on. Amidst an ambitious and stunt-prone demonstration of Google’s augmented reality projects and news of the next generation of Android operating systems, dubbed Jelly Bean, the company’s other endeavors received relatively little attention. One of…

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Google chairman says there will be no negative impact on Android from Motorola

Eric Schmidt

Chairman of Google Inc., Eric Schmidt, has released more information about the acquisition of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. by the internet giant for $12.5 billion, and has specifically explained that this will not “screw up” the success of Android. Schmidt has held to the claims that have already been made by Google, which have said that acquiring Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc., may play an important role in promoting competition among the manufacturers of Android based phones. They believe this is an important move in an economy that still requires stimulation…

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Why Google+ strategies are making Apple and Facebook sweat


Google has dipped its toe into the videogame pool, in a move that is making both the current leaders in next generation game platforms, Apple and Facebook, nervous. Moreover, they should be sweating as Google moves forward in its efforts to move beyond the current sales cut of 30 percent which has become typical with Apple and Google. Punit Soni, the product manager for Google+ Games stated in an interview that Google will begin by sharing 95 percent of its virtual goods revenues which are sold with the developers, therefore…

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