How you can make buying domain names a business on its own

Saas Marketing Guide

Who knew buying domain names can be a lucrative business? MANY. More and more people are beginning to stumble upon the fact that snapping up domain names and selling them is a great way to earn more money – kind of like real estate. There’s a growing opportunity to purchase sought-after domain names and then proceed to domain name registration to reserve them for yourself. How buying and selling domains work You purchase domain names at the cheapest prices you can find and then afterwards sell them again with new…

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Godaddy Super Bowl QR code advertising brings record sales

QR code used in commercials

According to a GoDaddy press release following its hyped commercials that included QR codes that was run during Super Bowl Sunday, the company broke its own sales records. According to its statement, GoDaddy said that the QR code that was featured in their add generated the “best mobile website traffic…ever.” It also explained that it experienced a notable increase in the registrations for .CO domain names both over the entire weekend and throughout the football game’s broadcast. According to Akamai Technologies, an internet usage monitoring firm, there was a sharp…

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