GMO QR codes may never take off

USDA qr code labels GMO food organic

A recent study showed that the majority of consumers aren’t interested in scanning for more information. A new poll has found that most consumers aren’t likely to scan GMO QR codes to learn more about their foods. The research looked into the scannable codes which may soon be used to identify products containing genetically modified organisms among their ingredients. Among the respondents, only 40 percent said they would be willing to scan quick response codes for this information. The Annenberg Public Policy Center from the University of Pennsylvania conducted this…

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GMO QR codes bill passed in the Senate

GMO QR codes in the food industry

A vote has now passed to give the Senate’s approval for requiring genetically modified ingredients to be labeled. The U.S. Senate just voted to approve a bill that would require GMO QR codes and other labeling. These new labels would identify products that contain genetically modified organisms among their ingredients. The bill is now headed to the House of Representatives. The House is expected to pass the quick response codes and labeling bill for GMO foods as well. Producers will be allowed to use GMO QR codes as a part…

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QR codes stir controversy regarding GMO food labels

qr code problems eggs food nutrition

Some feel quick response codes will make it easier for consumers to identify genetically modified organisms, but not all. Food made from genetically modified organisms (GMO) or that has been genetically engineered (GE) is a serious concern among Americans and QR codes have now made their way into this considerable controversy. Polls have been showing that over 90 percent of Americans would prefer to have these foods identified on their labels. That said even though the desire for food labels telling consumers whether or not they are purchasing GMO or…

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