Mcommerce ranking from around the world places Australia in the lead

Australian Mobile commerce Trends

The country down under has made its way to the top of the mobile shopping world. Though there are many different ways to judge the success of mcommerce, particularly on a global scale, a recent analysis of worldwide shopping activity over smartphones was performed by Mobify, and it placed Australia at the top of its ranks. In that country, 47 percent of its online consumers use smartphones and tablets as a part of the process. The Mobify study included an analysis of the behaviors of 200 million online consumer, and…

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Mcommerce adoption is faster in the East than the West

Global mobile technology trends network

This, according to a global survey performed by Rakuten. Rakuten has released the results of its worldwide research, which has indicated that consumers in the countries located in the far east have a far greater likelihood than western countries to take part in mcommerce. The survey identified trends primarily throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. It discovered that 13 percent of consumers in Thailand and 15 percent of those from Indonesia will not hesitate to use their smartphones or tablets to make the purchase of a product or service. Comparatively,…

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PortfoLion to buy into Cellum: the Central Europe region’s largest venture investment in mobile payment sector

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**Budapest, September 9, 2011 – PortfoLion Venture Capital Fund Management Ltd is to invest HUF 400 million (EUR 1,5 million) in Cellum Global Zrt, member of the Cellum Group, the hungarian market leader in mobile payment solutions. Financial resources required for the transaction are provided by the European Union JEREMIE venture capital fund (Joint European Resources for Micro to Medium Enterprises Initiative). The agreement on the largest venture investment so far in the region’s mobile payment sector was signed on 1st September 2011. The technology developed by Cellum is marketable…

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