10 Shopping Tips for the Mobile Consumers

mobile commerce shopping

Over the last couple of decades people now shop online, using their mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. Some online stores periodically offer reasonable discounts in the form of coupons and vouchers, either directly or through associated websites. Online retail stores such as Tradus have started offering Tradus Coupon Codes for multiple products from under one roof.  Such coupon codes result in genuine reduction of the product’s price and shopping with such coupon codes can result in considerable savings. Here is a list of 10 shopping tips for the mobile consumers…

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Gift services could be the key to success in mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce Trends

The fight for mobile commerce dominance continues As mobile commerce continues to gain momentum amongst consumers, the fight for dominance in the emerging industry is becoming more heated. Mobile commerce is powered by NFC technology. This technology makes it possible for mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, to send and receive information wirelessly. Typically, these devices must been in close proximity to NFC signals in order for this transmission to be successful. This makes NFC ideal for mobile commerce because it is able to transform mobile devices into…

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