Ghana Universal QR code to roll out to help speedup use of digital payments in country

Ghana Universal QR Code - Ghana Flag

Ghana becomes latest nation to announce upcoming launch of a universal QR code payment system. A Ghana universal QR code will be rolling out across the West African nation later this year. The country’s government wants to push the adoption of digital payments and hopes the universal quick response code-based payment system will help. The goal is to make it easier for businesses to accept electronic payments. The Ghana universal QR code, which is planned to be introduced in the fourth quarter of 2019, was announced by Ghana’s vice president,…

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Mobile commerce push requested by Telcos in Africa

Ghana Flag Mobile Commerce

Three telecommunications operators have made a call to the government of Ghana. The heads of the departments of mobile commerce among three telecom companies in Ghana have made a call to their government that has expressed the need for the assistance of federal officials and regulators to more actively push toward smartphone money awareness for more widespread acceptance. The companies feel that the penetration of 99.7 percent of cell phones in Ghana make a cashless society possible. They have expressed that mobile commerce through digital money will be a central…

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