The continuing importance of location to mobile commerce and marketing


According to the latest Mind Commerce Publishing report, entitled “Mobile Location Commerce 2012-2017”, mobile commerce is predicted to achieve a 39 percent compound growth rate from now through until the completion of 2017, as a result of the omnipresence of smartphones and tablet computers. Location-based commerce is forecasted to be one of the primary initiatives that will exist among the mobile environment within the next three years. In fact, location-based services were a key element of the report, and are expected to have an important impact on boosting sales. Geolocation…

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What the new year holds for tech and commerce

Mobile Commerce

Last year, the technology world reached a critical point where the world saw dramatic changes toward mobile marketing, collaborative consumption, social commerce, empowered individuals, and education sector disruptions. The predictions for 2012 indicate that this year will be even more exciting than last year, across the board. Among the main points of focus in tech this year is mobile. Absolutely everything in the mobile world is at the cusp of significant and meaningful changes, and they will be growing extremely rapidly because of the global mobile connectivity levels that are…

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Best Buy uses a geo-targeted mobile promotion to bring more consumers through its doors

Best Buy Geotargeting

Best Buy has been running a new form of geo-targeted ad within the iPhone app by Pandora, to help users to locate the nearest store. According to a mobile marketing consultant from Boston named Wilson Kerr, “Delivering a mobile call to action when a consumer is close to a location is very smart.” Kerr said that consumers with mobile devices who are traveling near one of the store’s locations are more capable of acting on one of these messages and heading to a store where they can make a purchase.…

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