Mobile gaming is about to change

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The mobile games field is beginning to evolve Mobile gaming is having a divisive effect on the game industry. Independent developers have found success by focusing on the mobile space, but this success has begun to attract larger development studios and publishers, many of whom are beginning to flood the market with low quality, yet expensive games. Older development studios have been avoiding the mobile space, with some considering mobile games to be a useless business model in their current form. For the people that play these games, the division…

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Sony partners with Novarama to expand their portfolio of AR games

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011

Sony is investing heavily into augmented reality technology. At this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the company unveiled its new gaming platform, the PS Vita. The system drew much acclaim from audiences in attendance for its innovative use of AR technology. Now Sony is furthering their venture into the field of AR by partnering with Novarama Technology, a game developer based in Spain. Novarama is well known as being one of the only game developers to focus almost exclusively on AR titles.  Novarama has entered into an exclusivity deal with…

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