Why Play the Sicilian Defense in Chess?

Sicilian Defense in Chess game move

Learn why this strategy is the most popular response for Black to the e4 from White. The Sicilian Defense is easily the most popular response Black has to e4 from White and represents an aggressive opening move that simultaneously removes White’s opportunity to occupy either the d4 or e4 squares. The c5 opening takes control over the center beyond that initial move. As a result, the Sicilian Defense is often viewed as a brilliant opening. This helps to explain why it is a preferred choice among chess celebrities, Grandmasters, and…

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Cool games offer outstanding online advertising opportunities

online advertising and layout1

In-game advertising is one of the greatest ways to reach a target audience when it’s paying attention. Cool games aren’t just a fun way for a player to pass the time but also provide effective online advertising opportunities that are proving exceptionally effective. In-game ads typically consist of static ads, dynamic ads and gamevertising. At the very core of a successful campaign is finding cool games such as those at Friv5Online, where you can place your ads, regardless of their form.  After all, this is the foundation of having an…

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