Growth of mobile games in Southeast Asia is slowing, but remains strong

Mobile Gaming

Southeast Asia is leading the way in the aggressive growth of mobile gaming Southeast Asia may be the world’s leading market for mobile games, but the market is showing signs of becoming more sluggish due to oversaturation. While more people in this region have been purchasing smartphones, the number of big-name mobile games has reached a point where smaller games are finding it harder to compete. Games like “Candy Crush Saga” and “Minecraft” have come to dominate the market, leaving little room for other games to thrive. Mobile games are…

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Nintendo could see a rise in profit due to mobile gaming

Mobile Gaming Industry

Mobile gaming is becoming a significant focus for Nintendo Nintendo is becoming more involved in the mobile gaming space, which signifies a dramatic turn from the company’s focus in previous years. Before last year, Nintendo had been quite adamant in its decision to avoid mobile gaming. Now, however, the company is beginning to focus quite heavily on mobile games. Nintendo is even working with other game developers to produce new titles for mobile devices. The company is currently working with DeNA, a successful mobile game developer, and plans to launch…

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Kabam to focus more heavily on its popular mobile games

mobile games revenues

Kabam sells off first generation mobile games and publishing business to Gaea Mobile Prominent game developer Kabam has sold off its classic mobile games and third-party publishing business to China’s Gaea Mobile in an effort to focus on its largest and most successful games. Kabam has established a strong position in the mobile games space and many of its games have managed to find a great deal of success among consumers. The company’s expansive focus, however, has limited the support that its more successful titles are receiving. Refined focus may…

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New ad system from Google will highlight mobile games

Chinese mobile games

Google will be streaming demos of mobile games through advertisements Google is testing a new system with its advertising platform, which may have an impact on mobile games. One of Google’s most attractive features is Google Play, an online store through which consumers can find a wide variety of applications, including games. These games have become one of the more popular categories on Google Play, especially as more consumers begin to play mobile games as a convenient form of entertainment. Trial Run Ads will allow consumers to try mobile games…

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Disney finds success in mobile games

Disney Store ipad App mobile games

Disney Interactive is gaining momentum in the mobile space Disney Interactive is beginning to see significant success in the gaming field. The company has long been involved in the game industry, having first been formed in 1999 in order to engage a new generation of consumers interested in interactive entertainment. In recent years, Disney Interactive has been focusing more heavily on mobile games rather than placing sole focus on traditional console games. This diversification has paid off, as Disney Interactive has now become the world’s sixth largest mobile games publisher.…

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Augmented reality glasses could revolutionize gaming

Augmented Reality Glasses - AR and Education

Augmented reality and gaming begin to mingle Augmented reality is beginning to gain momentum in the game industry. The technology has long been associated with entertainment, favored for its interactive and dynamic nature. Recently, however, technology firms from around the world have begun to develop augmented reality eyewear that could, quite literally, change the way people see the world around them. Such projects have implications for gaming as well as social networking and entertainment in general. Two former employees of acclaimed game developer and publisher Valve believe that augmented reality…

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Xbox One to support QR codes

xbox mobile commerce augmented reality

QR codes not to be ignored by the Xbox One The gaming space has been abuzz with both hype and derision for Microsoft’s Xbox One console. The Xbox One was revealed last month and has since received more criticism than any other console in recent history due to the controversial features it is equipped with, such as a requirement to always be connected to the Internet. The controversy surrounding the Xbox One has not gone unnoticed by Microsoft and the company has made significant changes to the console’s features to…

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Nintendo plans to introduce NFC technology to the Wii U

Wii U GamePad nintendo nfc technology

Nintendo shows strong interest in NFC technology Acclaimed Japanese game and hardware company Nintendo has been experiencing some turbulence in the wake of the launch of its next generation gaming console: The Wii U. This week, Nintendo executives detailed some of the financial problems that have come to confront the company due to weak sales of the console and its relatively small portfolio of games. Unwilling to count the Wii U as a simple fluke or a failure, Nintendo executives have begun to outline plans for the introduction of NFC…

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Xbox 720 document hints toward augmented reality glasses

Xbox augmented reality

New information concerning Xbox 720 revealed in the wake of E3 This month, the game industry showed off a glimpse of the future of gaming at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Though E3 has passed, the projects unveiled at the event are still causing a buzz amongst gamers. Gamers are not only talking about what they saw at the event, but also what they did not see. It had been speculated that leading console developers Microsoft and Sony would unveil the next generation of their popular gaming platforms: The…

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