The best tablets of 2013

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Just a few years back, tablets were not widely known at all. But they made their way, becoming a real boom on the market and settling in many people’s lives globally. Now there are so many types and brands of tablets you can choose from that it’s impossible not to be interested in having one. But there comes the hard part – choosing the right one. Exactly because there are now too many tablets on the market, taking a decision becomes more complicated. There are models, features, prices and other…

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Apple versus Samsung suit is riddled with hidden battles

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The top tech industry legal battle is currently underway in a Silicon Valley federal court, as Apple attempts to halt Samsung from being able to sell its Galaxy tablet computers and smartphones within the United States. The suit was filed by Apple back in April 2011, and claims that Samsung “slavishly” took Apple’s iPhone and iPad designs and used them. Though the entire world is interested in the outcome of this case, the proceedings have primarily gone on behind closed doors, with the majority of the court papers being sealed…

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Amazon’s play in the tablet market

Amazon mobile commerce did a good job of creating a new Kindle e-reader that is affordably priced; so affordable, that the new Kindle is out selling the leading Kindle, and the 3G and WiFi model e-readers. By using advertisements on their new e-reader, they were able to finance a newer, more affordable Kindle. Now, can they do the same with an Android based tablet? By using tasteful ad displays, small banners and screen-saver type advertisements, Amazon could create a new product that was less expensive. By strategically placing the ads, Amazon was…

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