Mobile marketing at Facebook will beat out Google next year

Google I/O mobile sites

The head of Opera Mediaworks has said that smartphone and tablet based ads from the social network will win. According to the chief exec at Opera Mediaworks, Mahi De Silva, who is also a veteran in mobile marketing and advertising, while Google may still be in the lead when it comes to that channel, that position will change next year when it is overtaken by Facebook. Opera Mediaworks is owned by Opera Software, which is based in Norway and brought in $120 million in revenue last year. This year, Opera…

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Mobile marketing is the present, not just the future

Isis mobile commerce wallet

Those who say that it’s hasn’t arrived have missed its start. For several years, people have been saying that mobile marketing is on its way, and companies of all sizes have been taking part in various forms of its methods and techniques. Yet some still insist that it hasn’t yet arrived. Though it isn’t too late to begin mobile marketing, any brands that are still waiting for it to officially start before they begin to put their funds into it will only miss the prime opportunity to reach out to…

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Windows Phone 7 intends to step up its mobile marketing

Windows Phone 7

It plans to become serious competition for iOS and Android. Although IDC has forecasted that the skyrocketing growth in mobile marketing may slow to a more modest rate when compared to the tremendous explosion it has seen over the last couple of years, Windows Phone 7 will be surging ahead to level its playing field with iOS and Android. It will be working with Nokia in order to try to achieve this goal. In 2012, it has been predicted that there will be just over 4 percent in growth to…

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New Augmented Reality Applications in the Pipeline

With technology improving daily, mobile phones and netbooks are quickly evolving into more than just a “personal assistant” type of apparatus. The applications have become far more personalized for individual needs and now there is something new to add into the mix. Augmented Reality applications may just push us into the next phase of becoming ‘one’ with our mobile devices.  The new generation devices of iPhone/iPad, and Android, have been able to integrate a few augmented applications that react and respond in a believable manner. Augmented Reality joins the digital…

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Are QR Codes The Golden Egg for Print Media

Technology has caused declines in newspaper revenues like those of which haven’t been seen in decades. With so many people going mobile and advertisers following suit, printed media has taken a hard hit.  Many people are discussing how much longer newspapers will be around; the consensus isn’t good. However, as technology caused much of the decline; technology is also playing a part in the rejuvenation of the printed word. Business Week, Fortune, USA Today and Los Angeles Times, are just a few of the printed media sources that have had…

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