Mimvi prepares to launch new discovery application powered by augmented reality.

Future of Augmented Reality Technology

Mimvi Inc., a developer of mobile applications for smart phones, has entered the arena of augmented reality with a new product that it hopes will change the face of Internet discovery. The company is known for its innovative discovery technology, which is a form of search engine, that combs through data and suggests content that users may find interesting. The company has been exploring the world of augmented reality for several months now and has produced new discovery technology that will make use of AR. Called Project Jupiter by developers,…

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AR glasses are not good enough, may take years to produce practical hardware for the technology

Augmented Reality Glasses Sample

Augmented reality technology may have come a long way, but the hardware associated with it is beginning to fall behind. AR is a growing craze in the mobile realm, but the technology is often used as a gimmick for games or other forms of fleeting entertainment. Smart phones can be used as an augmented reality visor of sorts, but holding a phone up for extended periods of time to get a glimpse of a digital display can be cumbersome. Eyewear, such as glasses and contact lenses, however, can unlock the…

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