Michigan’s Urbane Apartments launches new QR code campaign to reach out to residents

QR code Marketing

QR codes are a popular marketing tool in the real estate industry, but they have been rare in the apartments and rental market. When the codes first came to the U.S. sometime in 2008, realtors were the ones that made them popular. Before the codes began showing up on signage for houses and other properties, few people had ever seen them before. Now, Urbane Apartments, a rental community located in Detroit, Michigan, is using the codes in an attempt to echo the success they have seen in the realty business…

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Oxfam to transform stores into social museums with QR codes


Oxfam, a conglomerate of organizations that seeks to obliterate poverty and injustice around the world, has begun using QR codes to teach people about the history behind second-hand goods. The organization is using a new mobile application called Shelflife. Shelflife functions as a barcode scanner, allowing users to unlock the content contained within QR codes. Oxfam owns a chain of stores that contains second-hand goods and will be creating QR codes for each item. When these codes are scanned with the Shelflife application, consumers will be able to learn the…

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Codee Software announces the opening of its App Store

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Codee Software Inc. has now released the next version (2.0) of its QR code platform, at the same time that it has opened the doors of its Codee App Store. The Codee App Store is designed to provide mobile consumers with a range of different apps that will give them better use and control over the QR codes that they use in their everyday lives. They can buy a QR code app that is relatively inexpensive and goes above and beyond the traditional scanning app. These also provide consumers with…

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Heineken incorporates QR codes into the Open’er Music Festival for better attendee connections

QR Codes

Heineken has revealed the results of providing attendees with free QR code stickers at the company’s 2012 Open’er Music Festival, to spread its brand message, “Open Your World”. Last summer’s Gdynia, Poland festival saw Heineken with computers set up so that attendees could create short messages that describe themselves, then convert that message into a QR code and print it out onto a sticker, called a “U Code” by the company, that they could wear while they were at the event. According to the Poland marketing manager for Heineken, David…

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