5 Reasons We Pay for Mobile Apps When There Are Free Versions

m-commerce mobile apps

You probably have tons of mobile apps on your smartphone or tablet that you use on a regular basis. There are always more free apps available that you can download onto your device, yet we still find the need to pay for apps. There are several reasons why we pay for apps when we can get so many of them for free. Here are five reasons why we still pay for apps. Malware Let’s face it: We have no idea where some of the free apps come from. We may…

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Chevrolet runs Super Bowl television ads with complementary mobile campaign this year

Super bowl social media advertising marketing wearable technology

Chevy has announced the nature of its Super Bowl advertising this year, and it has revealed that its television commercials will be complemented by a mobile campaign once more. However, it has also stated that it will be broadening its mobile efforts by including an app that will provide users with the ability to use Twitter to interact with each other, play games, and to win prizes. Last year, the automobile manufacturer created mobile advertising using the social targeting service by OneRiot. This service functions by targeting segments of the…

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National Breast Cancer Awareness month will kick off with a Your Man Reminder app

Breast Cancer Awareness App

Rethink Breast Cancer, a Canadian charity, has come up with a new smartphone app that they will be using to kick off National Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. The app is called, “Your Man Reminder”, and it will use the image of an attractive man to help remind women to do their breast cancer self exams. This free app is fully customizable, allowing women to chose from among six different “dream men”, with options including “business man”, “sports jock,” and “boy next door”. The charity explained that the “sexy…

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Healthcare industry is going mobile with award winning apps

Healthcare Mobile Marketing Industry

The healthcare industry’s ever-growing trend toward mobile technology has taken another step forward with the introduction of new award-winning apps available to smartphone users, such as those introduced by Humana. Smartphone users are no stranger to applications relating to basic health and fitness, known as mHealth apps, and industry giants have not failed to notice. MyHumana Mobile, by Humana, one of the largest and most well-established American publically traded companies in the healthcare industry, recently received the first-ever “Best Medical App” Appy Award which was handed out in San Francisco…

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A virtual fitting room…Genius!

Topshop Mobile Advertising

The Microsoft Kinect, a camera peripheral for the Xbox 360 console that allows people to play games without a controller, has been put to work in Russia by clothing retailer Topshop. The Kinect has garnered acclaim since its release in November of last year for its affinity for augmented reality. Topshop is taking advantage of the platforms capabilities by using it as an AR fitting room, allowing customers to try clothes on without trying them on. The Kinect is part of a virtual system in the retailer’s most popular store…

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