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France way ahead of the mobile commerce movement

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Near Field Communication (NFC) marketing programs are being developed for supermarkets to assist shoppers with preferences, sales, in store product locations and more. The current program is being tested in Nice, a small town outside of France, at a local branch of a supermarket chain called Leclerc. NFC technology is quickly taking its place in our society as an interactive tool that will change the way we shop and market products. Several large U.S. companies such as Google, IBM, and American Express, are all immersed (and invested) in bringing this platform to life very soon. However, in France, several companies have been doing beta tests of mobile Smartphone’s and the use of NFC enabled applications. Recently, a test in Nice, showed how many users would take advantage of Smartphone’s … Read entire article »

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