QR codes allow shoppers to trace the history of their bananas

qr codes used on fruit

Consumers can scan Turbana products to track the produce back to the farms. Turbana has announced that it will be using QR codes in order to provide consumers with more information regarding the way in which their bananas are grown, produced, and handled. These barcodes will be used on the produce the company will sell in North America. The idea is that Turbana will be able to bring these shoppers “back to the farm” simply by giving them QR codes to scan with their smartphones. According to a release that…

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QR codes used by digital system to ensure food freshness and quality

QR Codes used for freshness

Scanning the barcode reveals additional information about the product. At a time where food recalls and limited labeling make it very difficult to understand what is and is not safe to eat, QR codes are now being used to help to provide additional information regarding quality and freshness. Scanning the codes allow consumers to inform themselves further about the foods they buy. Many consumers find that when they grocery shop, they don’t entirely trust the labels that they see on a product. Though there are expiry dates on many items,…

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The difference mobile barcodes can make in contaminated food scare prevention

QR Codes

QR code marketing campaigns of all kinds are popping up to help various causes to spread the awareness and encourage consumers with mobile devices to make much needed donations, but there is another use being considered for helping the public in one of the ways that it needs it most: protection against potential food contaminations. One of the uses currently being considered for QR codes is allowing to food industry to better inform customers about foods that are potentially contaminated, to help to prevent scares. These codes have the potential…

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