NBA is seriously looking into wearable technology

basketball net fitness wearable technology

The National Basketball Association has launched a study to examine the benefits and drawbacks of wearables. The NBA has now made an investment into research that will examine the impact of wearable technology that is GPS enabled, in order to decide whether or not it will be worthwhile to have players wear these gadgets. The purpose of this research is likely to have players wear these devices during their games. The study receiving the funding from the NBA is Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic. They will be researching the benefits and drawbacks…

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Wearable technology may reduce heart attack risk

mhealth mobile technology health

This technology is being examined in its potential for soldiers as well as the general public. Although wearable technology is becoming relatively well known in terms of its potential benefits in counting steps and in calculating the number of calories that are burned in a day, but now researchers are wondering whether or not there could be a potential to help soldiers who are on the field, or to assist in the prevention of greater health problems. These researchers are from Sentient Science as well as from the University of…

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Apple Watch has yet to impress the health care industry

Apple Watch apps -wearable technology

Medical care providers had been hoping for more from the device maker’s first smartwatch. Although the Apple Watch has been making quite a stir in terms of the fact that it represents the company’s first step into wearable technology, when it comes to the first impressions that it has been making, many of them have not been quite as strong as it had likely hoped. For example, its health and fitness tracker features are not up to what the health care industry had expected. Before the majority of health care…

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Wearable technology race is starting to define some clear leaders

Fitbit wearable technology fitness tracker

Pebble and Fitbit are beginning to show that they are at the top of the wearables market. According to the research firm, Canalys, and some of its most recently released data, among all of the consumers who own wearable technology bands around the world during the first quarter of this year, nearly half were owners of the Fitbit fitness band. That said, when it comes to smartwatches, Pebble has been ripping ahead of the competition. Despite that the comparatively small Pebble is up against some powerful tech giants such as…

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Wearable technology shirt offers awesome fitness tracking

OmSignal wearable technology shirt

This special clothing is designed to make accurate and useful biofeedback more practical to wearers. A new form of wearable technology in the form of a t-shirt from OMsignal, which features knitted electrodes to work as sensors for respiration and heart rates has now been developed to help to overcome the limitations of today’s fitness trackers and to make this tech much more practical to those who want to wear it. The idea is that when the tech has been worked right into clothing, it becomes far more palatable. The…

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