McDonald’s fitness bands have now been recalled due to skin irritation

mcdonald's fitness bands happy meal recall US Canada

The fast food chain had already stopped giving them out in Happy Meals and now the devices are recalled. The McDonald’s fitness bands have reached a new level of irritation for the fast food chain. Initially, it had been complaints of skin irritation, now that has risen to the level of burns. To protect the safety of its customers, it has recalled the Step-It wristbands. Unfortunately, this will be a massive undertaking as it had already sold over 32 million Happy Meals containing them. The McDonald’s fitness bands had been…

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Wearable technology news isn’t great for everyone, as Jawbone lays off workers

Jawbone Up wearable technology fitness tracker

In an industry that is facing a rapidly growing amount of competition, the fitness tracker maker is letting people go. Wearable technology device maker, Jawbone, has recently announced that it will be shutting down its entire New York office and, in doing so will be laying off 15 percent of its total workforce. The company is facing industry consolidation and has responded by taking this step to reduce costs. The wearable technology company is based in San Francisco. In this move, it has cut back its number of employees by…

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Fitbit wearable technology sales have tripled

Fitbit wearable technology fitness tracker

Earnings from wearables have been heading ever skyward for the company. Sales of Fitbit wearable technology devices have been taking off and the data released about the quarter that came to a close at the end of September only provided further proof to that claim, as it showed that the sales were actually three times higher than they were during the same quarter the year before. In the third quarter of 2014, the sales had reached around $152.9 million, but that was only a third of 2015. In the third…

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FIFA aims for soccer team wearable technology standard

Soccer Fans QR Code wearable technology

The governing body that continues to try to recover from massive scandals is aiming to improve the future of the sport. This year has not been an easy one for the governing body of soccer, FIFA, following news that the top officials were under investigation for crimes of corruption, but the organization is still moving forward in an attempt to improve the future of the sport through methods such as the creation of a wearable technology standard. In November, FIFA will meet with the International Association Football Board (IFAB) to…

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Wearable technology could let doctors remotely monitor patients

smartwatches wearable technology

This would make it possible for people to check in for updates with their physicians without making the trip. The latest developments in wearable technology could make it easier to maintain a closer and more effective relationship between doctors and patients, as it could make it possible for physicians to monitor their patients – particularly the elderly – when they have a chronic condition but where daily appointments are impractical. Tech such as smartwatches could make it possible for emergency situations to be avoided. After all, when smaller symptoms are…

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