Could a wearable technology app save your life? It did for one man

Apple watch wearable technology app

An apple smartwatch application showed a spike in heart rate which turned out to be a blood clot. The idea of a wearable technology app has become extremely commonplace to the point that many of us don’t think much of them. However, as it turns out, under the right circumstances they have the ability to save a person’s life. This was what happened when a man names James Green had his life saved by his Apple smartwatch. James Green, an American man living in New York, formerly employed with MTV,…

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Wearable technology for dogs is more stylish than a smartwatch

Whistle wearable technology dog activity tracking collar

The latest dog tracking collar from Whistle is proving to be more appealing than devices made for humans. A startup called Whistle has now come up with a new form of wearable technology that is extremely sleek and attractive, but unlike its clunkier and less fashionable cousins that have been developed for humans, these devices have been made specifically for dogs. In fact, it is the pooch version of the fitness tracker bands that are starting to catch on in the people world. This wearable technology has already hit the…

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Wearable technology is beginning to see legal struggles

Smart Watch wearable technology

The lawsuits, recalls, and even traffic tickets are starting to pour in over these mobile devices. The first sign that wearable technology is truly taking off and becoming mainstream among consumer electronics has now arrived, as the category finds itself mixed up in a range of different forms of battles in the legal system. This is occurring throughout the category and not just with one form or brand of gadget. Last month, Under Armour was sued by Adidas, accusing the athletic retailer from Baltimore of having infringed on the patents…

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