Mcommerce to show notable growth in both eBay and PayPal

mobile payments trends

Third quarter earnings in both giants have increased significantly over Q2. Though the first and second quarters showed notable mcommerce achievements for eBay, this did not hold the company back from experiencing yet another important period of growth during the third. The revenue growth seen by eBay in the first half of the fiscal year ended with a 23 percent Q2 rise. This growth is being credited primarily to PayPal, which increased its active member base by approximately one million per month in the second quarter. The Total Payment Volume…

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Fiksu report shows app downloads up and mobile marketing costs way down

Mobile Commerce

Fiksu Inc. has released a report that has shown a significant drop in the costs associated with mobile marketing from January 2012, reaching the lowest point that has occurred since July 2011. This company is the first platform for mobile user acquisition in the industry that spans the entire mobile environment. It also indicated that app downloads for Apple’s iOS devices have spiked significantly since the start of 2012. Though the Fiksu Cost per Loyal User Index saw record highs in December, having reached $1.81, in January, it dropped by…

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Financial world gives the nod to the potential of mobile payment

Financial News for Mobile Commerce

As sales via smartphone are anticipated to increase by 50 percent within 2011, mobile payment services are in a desperate race to take their own piece of the market, and the increasing competitive environment has encouraged the formation of partnerships among the most powerful names in the financial world. This mad dash is the result of the demand of consumers for smartphones enabled with near field communication (NFC) technology that will allow them to make their regular everyday purchases with the swipe of a mobile phone instead of a credit…

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