Is NFC technology really safe?

NFC Technology

NFC has a dubious history with security NFC technology has been attracting a lot of attention for some time. The technology is quite simple in that it is capable of facilitating the transfer of digital information over short distances. NFC is most commonly seen in the mobile commerce field and therein has attracted the majority of its support. It is in the mobile commerce sector that questions regarding the safety of NFC came to prominence. Because NFC deals with the financial information of consumers in the mobile sector, the technology’s…

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The danger of mobile games

mobile gaming

Mobile games are not as unassuming as they seem Mobile games are quite popular around the world. This popularity is due to the entertainment that they offer and their convenient and inexpensive nature. Indeed, most mobile games can be acquired for free through various online sources, and those that have a price tag are generally very affordable. While these games have become a very powerful entertainment platform, as well as a very lucrative sector for the game industry as a whole, they are also quite dangerous. The danger of mobile…

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Mobile commerce is growing and so should security

Editorial – Mobile commerce and security should go hand-in-hand Mobile technology has become an integral part of society. People around the world are using their smartphones and tablets to connect to one another in a dynamic way. These devices are also being used by people to connect with businesses, creating new ways to shop and purchase products. The advent of mobile technology has led to the emergence of mobile commerce. While mobile commerce has been met with favor from people the world over, it is not a paradise free from…

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Visa criticizes the lackluster security measures for PayPal’s new mobile payment platform

Mobile Commerce

After months of trials with NFC-powered mobile payments, PayPal announced earlier this month that it would be abandoning the technology entirely. The company will instead be adopting a mobile payment system of its own, whose security measures are claimed to be unbeatable. PayPal’s claims have run afoul of Visa, however, who has invested a great deal in NFC technology. The global credit company is well-versed in matters of financial security for consumers and has taken issue with PayPal’s insistence that its own protection methods trump those put in place by…

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