Will the Amazon wireless experiment receive government approval?

amazon augmented reality

The online marketplace company is seeking the FCC’s approval to test technology in Seattle and rural Washington. An Amazon wireless experiment is in the works to test out mobile devices and fixed-base stations in Seattle and rural areas of Washington state. Amazon revealed this much of its mysterious plans in recent government filings to the Federal Communications Commission. The filings do not specifically describe what will be involved in Amazon’s technology tests. However, what is known about this Amazon wireless experiment is that it looks like it is testing a…

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Unexpected mobile phone charges may be a thing of the past

Mobile Phone Bill

Though surprisingly high and unanticipated cell phone charges on monthly invoices are commonplace today, wireless providers have chosen to listen to the advice of regulators and bring this practice to an end. Major cell phone service providers such as Verizon Wireless and AT&T have come to an agreement with American regulators that stated that customers will receive an alert when their monthly text, data, or voice limits are coming near. The purpose of this action is to help customers to avoid sizeable extra charges that occur when they have used…

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