Chick-fil-A QR codes increase app downloads by 14 percent

Chick-fil-A QR codes - Chick-fil-A restaurant

The fast food chain has used quick response codes to successfully drive up its application downloads. The successful use of Chick-fil-A QR codes are helping to drive consumers to download the fast food chain’s app, say new analysis results. The company has managed to use the smartphone friendly barcodes for a powerful call to action. Both BlackRock Bar & Grill and Chick-fil-A QR codes are being used as a part of a campaign tactic that consumers are responding to. Boosting downloads by 14 percent is only one of a number…

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McDonald’s mobile ordering tested for smartphone users

McDonald’s mobile ordering

The fast food chain may one day roll the program out across the country and potentially beyond. A new McDonald’s mobile ordering system is currently being tested. This could make the process of purchasing a Big Mac and fries much faster and more convenient. The goal is to reduce the length of time that customers have to wait, greatly improving efficiency. The mobile service lets customers place their orders and pay for their food ahead of time. As a result, the McDonald’s mobile ordering system will potentially cut down on…

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Mobile commerce partnership begins between Taco Bell and CARDFREE

Taco Bell QR codes

A new smartphone app has now been launched across the United States that includes an ordering solution. The leading provider of mobile commerce solutions to large merchants, CARDFREE, has now announced that it is now the app platform provider behind the newest smartphone based offerings for Taco Bell, which were launched across the country, last week. The fast food chain selected the company in order to provide an m-commerce ordering solution, among other things. Taco Bell selected CARDFREE for its mobile commerce app that allows consumers to make orders, but…

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