Hointer leverages QR codes to sell jeans

QR Codes shopping for men

Hointer brings QR codes to men’s fashion Hointer, a new tech-savvy clothing retailer, has opened its first branch in Seattle, Washington. The store caters to men’s fashion by selling a wide variety of jeans. While the opening of a new clothing store is rarely a noteworthy event, Hointer is significantly different from traditional retailers. The store in Seattle has no checkout stands, no cash registers, no sales associates, and only one pair of jeans for every brand that the store represents. Retailer uses QR codes to sell products Hointer is…

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Augmented reality apparel becoming more of a realistic

Augmented reality Normal Apparel

Fashion industry continues to show interest in augmented reality The world of fashion is constantly pushing the boundaries of convention and has made a name for itself by doing so. As technology becomes a more significant part of everyday life, the fashion industry is looking to respond by making clothes more compliant with emerging technology trends. Thus, augmented reality apparel is born. The concept of embedding digital content into an article of clothing is gaining traction in the fashion industry and augmented reality could soon become a normal aspect of…

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Retailer giant gives a backstage pass to shoppers

Macy’s is without doubt the most popular department store known worldwide. As part of its new campaign it launched a new way for shoppers to connect with it through their mobile phones, giving their customers a special backstage pass to info not made available until now.  Macy’s new campaign coined, “Backstage Pass”, is the store’s way of bringing on the spot advice to shoppers concerning its latest tips, designs, fashion and products for spring. Making this move even smarter, Macy’s has selected two of the fastest methods of connecting with…

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Tag, you’re it!

The team at Canadian based Best Health magazine has announced that a Microsoft Tag will be featured on the cover of the March/April issue. Readers are being encouraged to scan the code with their smart phones for exclusive online content. The issue features an interview with eTalk anchor Tanya Kim and those that scan the code will be able to get a behind-the-scenes look at the interview. Scanning the Tag will bring readers to the magazines mobile site where they can see videos of the photo-shoot. “We were thrilled when…

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A hit or miss on magazine’s QR Code release

The premier issue of Vancouver’s new monthly Hush Magazine is brimming with QR codes. From ads to editorials, they are nearly on every page of the magazine. Hush describes itself in one tagline – raw, honest, and local. The more in-depth definition lies in the magazine’s goal, which is to reinvent what a magazine actually is by blending print, video, and social media. The Hush team has been laboring to keep the magazine secret during its four years of development. The team chose Valentine’s Day specifically for the imagery of…

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