QR codes popular on Southern Tasmanian fruit farm

QR code fruit farm

Visitors to the grower’s location can use their smartphones to spot the ripest and sweetest produce. Sorell Fruit Farm, located in Southern Tasmania, has added a unique new mobile twist to its farm tourism through the use of QR codes that are located among all of the rows. Each row of fruit boasts a quick response barcode that can be scanned by visitors with smartphones. The idea came from the farm’s Bob Hardy. It allows visitors with a scanner application on their smartphones to scan the QR codes to obtain…

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QR codes allow shoppers to trace the history of their bananas

qr codes used on fruit

Consumers can scan Turbana products to track the produce back to the farms. Turbana has announced that it will be using QR codes in order to provide consumers with more information regarding the way in which their bananas are grown, produced, and handled. These barcodes will be used on the produce the company will sell in North America. The idea is that Turbana will be able to bring these shoppers “back to the farm” simply by giving them QR codes to scan with their smartphones. According to a release that…

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