Shelter pets benefit from QR codes through the Purina ONE initiative

Purina QR Code Campaign

Purina ONE has announced the start of two new initiatives to help benefit pets living in shelters, including one involving the use of QR code stickers which can be found on the front of packages of its dry cat food. Every time one of the barcodes is scanned, Purina ONE will give a donation of $1- up to a maximum of $30,000 – to feed pets living in shelters. Furthermore, the “Bowl-by-Bowl” program is starting at the Facebook page for Purina ONE, allowing its visitors to take simple quizzes that…

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The three S’s of mobile marketing today: Shop, Socialize and Scan!

With well over 5 billion people subscribing to mobile services, it’s no wonder that the mobile internets use has gone ballistic. Mobile internet is growing bigger, faster than traditional desktop internet did; and use of mobile internet is driving the mobile device growth rate at a phenomenal speed compared to any past (computer) technology. The newest technologies are merging the digital and physical world; with real-time speed.   It’s hard to believe that the first mobile phone call was made back in the 1970’s. It is equally hard to imagine…

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The state of marketing in today’s world and finding your niche

  Social media has created an advertising monster. It’s understandable that many companies are profiting from this strategy, and profit is the bottom line. However, most people get really annoyed at being flooded with ad’s and offers for free stuff; only to find out; they have to jump through hoops first, to get anything. Who knew that haphazardly clicking on a cute little thumbs-up icon could turn you into an automatic spam and phishing magnet? Since Facebook and Twitter came along, advertising has leaped into a whole new realm. Many…

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